Reader Response to "Pinned" by Sharon G. Flake


by by Sharon G. Flake
I had planned to write a creative response to the book this week, but I can’t do that. This book, Pinned, is terrible. If there weren’t an assignment to write something for this book, I wouldn’t. In general, I don’t like books written in dialect. I generally find it an unnecessary hurdle as a reader. I will read books written in dialect if I must and I will admit that I am usually made better for having done that. There is a reason or message that is made clear through reading something written in dialect. That is not the case with Pinned, which could also be referred to as the worst piece of trash that I have read to date. This piece of pandering drivel is not worth the time I am spending reading it or writing about it. I will admit that it is important for kids to see themselves in books, however the characters presented in this book are insulting to everyone presented. Autumn is an idiot, or a smart enough kid who “just won’t try” and she likes Adonis, even though he’s in a wheelchair. Way to go Autumn! You show those readers that it’s what inside that matters! Ugh. Adonis is an asshole in a wheelchair that needs to learn to be more kind. My goodness, how enthralling. At 53 pages in I am groaning at every other sentence. Now, at page 80 Autumn is going to spend time in the library volunteering to be near Adonis the jerk. Wow. I never saw that coming. Page 146, “As ain’t everything”. This is not a sentence. That doesn’t actually mean anything. I have no idea what this author is attempting to get across with that sentence but, I can’t extract a single meaningful thing. Upon finishing the book, I have marked one line that I liked, “Wrestlers win first in their heads, Coach says. Readers, too, I figure, wondering sometimes if I ain’t my own opponent,” (pg.205). That one line neatly sums up my feelings for this book. I got through it. It took me a lot longer than it should have because I kept allowing myself to get distracted. Maybe I should have read The Chocolate War instead.

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