Book Sixteen

16/24 Reflection
Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince by JK Rowling
I had forgotten how much the death in this book rocked me at my first reading, now though, I’m far too distracted by the TERF’s overuse of “savage” in all it’s forms to be too emotionally attached to anything. Though the use of the racial slur is frustrating, what oddly bothers me more is that it’s used so often, as if Rowling lacked access to a thesaurus.

Japan Stuff!!
I have had a rough few days. After an argument in which my dad would not accept that Trump is awful and a liar, I decided to cut him from my life. Many have told me what a mistake this is and that I will regret it which comes off as vaguely threatening. My response is a firm, “If this is the thing I end up regretting most in life, then I’ve had a pretty good life.” I stand by that. I have spent a lot of time worrying about what my family thinks of things and I shouldn’t.
My job is going well, as usual, I’m going to miss working with all of these wonderful and caring teachers. I posted in my work facebook group suggesting that instead of teaching the false narrative of “Pilgrims and Natives coming together peacefully” that teachers focus on the thankful and food parts of the holiday. It was mostly well-received, except one dude decided to be awful about it and argue. It was a frustrating thing that I did and do not need. I deleted the post.
I have plans this weekend that I’m genuinely excited about, but I’m really not in a good place right now, so I can’t properly enjoy things.
I have an OBGYN appointment where I will hopefully learn whether or not it’s safe for me to have kids. This appointment will likely lead to more appointments and tests which I’m nervous about, but it will be good to have some answers and an action plan.
Grad school is still going well, I still have all As, but I’m in near constant fear of messing up so terribly that I’ll  never recover and just be in massive student loan debt for the rest of my life. There are only three weeks left in the semester and of course I have big assignments to complete for each of my classes. I will try my best, but I’m going to feel like crap until it’s over and I am able to relax.
I have big Christmas plans with Monster, and I even have plans for most of the weekends leading up to our Tokyo vacation. It’s less than a month until I see him and I couldn’t be more excited. We have a lot of catching up to do after nearly nine months apart. I think that the remaining days until I see him will go by quickly. I hope they do anyway. I know that our time together will be too short, only one week, but after it will only be three months until I’m home again for good.
If I follow my savings plan, I’ll have enough for a couple months off to make sure I can find a good job. Hopefully, though, I’ll already have one lined up before I’m back. I already have a couple of things to apply for, so I’m crossing my fingers that someone in Austin finds my resume impressive enough to give me a job.
That’s it.

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