Life Update


A few weeks ago I finished graduate school. I have an MLS and am ready to start working as a librarian. In the past few months I have been offered two jobs, though I’ve had to turn down one because I could not afford to move to Washington state. The other is a clerk position, which I am heavily considering. It’s in Austin, and I would be a part of a great team. But, it’s a clerk position and not a librarian position, so I need to think hard on it before I accept. I’ve requested the weekend to think on it, and they’ve obliged. I wouldn’t be able to start until the week after next anyway.

I am really proud to have finished my degree, but the future is scary too!

My time on the job hunt has really taught me about what is important. I know that I want to work in diversity and inclusion. I know that I want to teach people about providing service to our communities by providing access to materials which accurately and ethically portray all cultures. And in doing that foster understanding across communities. There is a job like that at the state level (which I applied for), but I am likely underqualified. It feels good to have a realistic goal in mind while I am developing my career, though.

I’m honestly pretty nervous about my future right now, but I am also way hopeful.

My Library:
Currently Reading: Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by Eliezer Yudkowsky
Wayside School series by Louis Sachar
Currently Playing: The Binding of Isaac/Switch
Fire Emblem Three Houses/Switch

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