Review of "Apple in the Middle"

Apple in the Middle by Dawn Quigley (Turtle Mountain Ojibwe)

Dawn Quigley has written so beautifully and expressively from the perspective of Apple, a fifteen year old girl discovering a whole other side to her family. The side of her mother who died in childbirth. Apple’s mother was Turtle Mountain Ojibwe as is Dawn Quigley. It is this familiarity, I believe, that powers Quigley’s writing. As Apple learns about her family and heritage, so does the reader. Gently, and with love, young readers can gain an understanding of the stereotypes and slurs that are callously hurled at Native peoples. I recommend this book for upper middle grade and young adult readers, but also to adults. There are many people who feel “in the middle” and maybe with the help of Apple’s story, they can feel less alone.

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