Review of "Moon of the Crusted Snow"

Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice (Anishinaabe)

Waubgeshig Rice (Anishinaabe) writes about what an apocalypse can mean to an Anishinaabe nation. His writing brings together traditional ways and modern dependencies, showing readers some of the effects of colonization and the efforts that have had to be taken to reclaim what was essentially beaten out of Indigenous Nations in North America. This book shows the importance of learning our traditional ways, not only as ways to survive an apocalypse, but because they help to make us whole. I feel newly encouraged to study my own native language and traditions after reading this book. I highly recommend this book for young adult and older readers who are into post-apocalyptic stories and want something new. With its fully fleshed characters and attention grabbing plot, readers will become instantly engrossed. I listened to the audiobook read by Billy Merasy (Metis/Cree). Merasy’s reading was wonderfully done. His ability as a storyteller helped brings Rice’s words to life for me. While listening, it seemed as if this was a story written to be told aloud and I loved it.

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