Review of "Pilu of the Woods"

Pilu of the Woods by Mai K. Nguyen
ISBN 9781620105511
Published 2019
Middle Grade Graphic Novel


Willow is having trouble at school with bullies, which can be frustrating enough, but she’s also dealing with the death of her mother. Her feelings of anger and sadness are shown as monsters that she feels she has to bottle up because she promised her mother to be kind, but pushing down feelings only makes them bigger. With the help of a forest girl, Pilu, Willow learns that it’s important to take the time to understand our feelings and listen to them.

Nguyen’s art style is comforting and helps to tell Willow’s story in muted tones. Distraction is not a problem here. Art and writing work together in such a way that I feel, the story on its own would be incomplete. This book is a wonderful selection for children and young adults facing death or other emotionally charged situations in their lives. I highly recommend it.

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