Review of "Diana: Princess of the Amazons"

Diana: Princess of the Amazons by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale, Illustrated by Victoria Ying
ISBN 9781401291112
Published 2020
Middle Grade Graphic Novel

Diana: Princess of the Amazons explores the life of Diana before she became Wonder Woman, when she was just an 11 year old girl and the only child on the island of Themyscira. She feels lonely and ignored as the only kid. Sure there’s always something to do, but she’s often by herself. At 11 she feels in the middle. She’s outgrowing some things, but she’s still too young to train or work with the older Amazons.

As a lifelong fan of Wonder Woman, I find it hard to say just how much this graphic novel means to me. I have always looked up to Wonder Woman. She’s strong, and not just because she can stop a car with her bare hands. She uses violence as a last resort. She listens to people. She is thoughtful and kind. This book shows her before she knew how to be all those good things. She wasn’t born Wonder Woman. She worked to get there and other kids can see that now. I think it’s important to get to see our heroes make mistakes and still strive to be better. I loved reading this middle grade graphic novel and I recommend it to Wonder Woman fans of any age, though it is a perfect book for showing kids that being good comes with practice, apologies, and actions to make up for mistakes.

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