Sleepy Like Me

Sleepy like Me

After a few months of not posting, I’m back. Quarantine has been difficult for me as it has for a lot of people. But now I’ve kinda come to terms with how things are going. It could be that I’m seeing a doctor and we’re figuring out how to medicate my depression and anxiety.

I’m trying to make positive changes, so far the hardest is sleeping right. I didn’t get to sleep until after 5:30 this morning. I have been cooking more and I’ve been keeping at least the kitchen clean. I’ve done a lot of unpacking too! There’s still lots of work, but I’m getting through it at a steadier pace.

I will be presenting at the ALAN Workshop (Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of the NCTE) at the NCTE Convention (National Council of Teachers of English). I was already scheduled to do so before quarantine. It’s virtual now, so I still can! I have some work to do before I am ready, and I will be doing a practice run or two on twitch and on my library’s Zoom. Hopefully, I’ll get good feedback and be extra prepared for the workshop come November.

I’ve read a few books between now and my last post, so there will be a review dump soon! ❤

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